Titles of the SWA Code


​SWA Dissolution

​​Effective July 1, 2021, the SWA dissolved and the City of Sacramento assumed the duties of regulating commercial waste within city limits and the County of Sacramento assumed the duties within unincorporated county limits.

The SWA website will not updated. Both the City of Sacramento and County of Sacramento will house all respective commercial waste hauling information on their own web pages: 

City of Sacramento

County of Sacramento​

​To determine which jurisdiction your business is located in,​ use the Assessor Parcel Viewer.

  •  Title I: Definition of terms.
  •  Title II: Franchise regulation for commercial waste hauling in the SWA Region.
  •  Title III: Solid waste facility reporting requirements.
  •  Title IV: Recycling requirements for all multi-family dwellings and businesses.
  •  Title V: Enforcement provisions.

Administrative Rules

Financial Incentives

SWA Dissolution​​

Both the City of Sacramento and County of Sacramento amended their codes to include commercial solid waste code due to the dissolution​ effective July 1, 2021. These newly adopted codes can be found in​ Chapter 13.24 of the City of ​Sacramento Code and in Chapter 6.20 of the Sacramento County Code (Item #29).